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The MiniZinc Team

Team leaders

  • Guido Tack

    Guido Tack

    Monash University

    Design and implementation of MiniZinc, model analysis and transformation, generating efficient FlatZinc for a diverse range of solvers, making MiniZinc easy to use.

  • Peter J. Stuckey

    Peter J. Stuckey

    Monash University

    Design of the MiniZinc language, lazy clause generation solvers, modelling interesting problems, developing and teaching Basic Modeling for Discrete Optimization (and other MOOCs).

Current members

  • Hendrik ‘Henk’ Bierlee

    Hendrik ‘Henk’ Bierlee

    Monash University

    The MiniZinc-SAT compiler, integer and single constant multiplication encodings for SAT.

  • Jason Nguyen

    Jason Nguyen

    Monash University

    Software engineer, development and maintenance of the MiniZinc tool chain, running the MiniZinc Challenge.

  • Jip J. Dekker

    Jip J. Dekker

    Monash University

    Compilation of MiniZinc, Large Neighbourhood Search, automatic table constraints.

  • Kevin Leo

    Kevin Leo

    Monash University

    Multi-pass compilation for MiniZinc, constraint solver interfaces, semi-automatic model improvement and debugging.

  • Maria Garcia de la Banda

    Maria Garcia de la Banda

    Monash University

    Model analysis and transformation, symmetry detection and breaking, constraint model debugging and profiling.

Former members

  • Alexander J. Ek

    Alexander J. Ek

    Monash University

    Online and fair optimisation in MiniZinc.

  • Andrea Rendl

    Andrea Rendl


    Model analysis and transformation, solver backends, stochastic MiniZinc, MiniSearch.

  • Andreas Schutt

    Andreas Schutt


    Lazy clause generation solvers, scheduling and packing problems, running the MiniZinc Challenge.

  • Carleton Coffrin

    Carleton Coffrin


    Linear and non-linear solvers, developing and teaching Modeling Discrete Optimization.

  • Chris Mears

    Chris Mears


    Systematic testing, semi-automatic model improvement, symmetry detection and breaking, constraint model debugging and profiling.

  • David Hemmi

    David Hemmi

    Monash University

    Stochastic MiniZinc, efficient algorithms for stochastic combinatorial problems.

  • Gleb Belov

    Gleb Belov

    Monash University

    Linearisation, MIP solver interfaces, systematic testing and benchmarking.

  • Graeme Gange

    Graeme Gange

    Monash University

    Compilation of MiniZinc, Lazy Clause Generation solvers.

  • Ignasi Abio

    Ignasi Abio


    Automatic translation to SAT.

  • Kiana Zeighami

    Kiana Zeighami

    Monash University

    Semi-automatic model improvement.

  • Mark Wallace

    Mark Wallace

    Monash University and Opturion

    Industrial applications, language design, linear and hybrid solving approaches.

  • Maxim Shishmarev

    Maxim Shishmarev

    Monash University

    Constraint model debugging and profiling.