Solver registrations for the 2024 MiniZinc Challenge are now open!

Install the latest version of MiniZinc

Download and install MiniZinc 2.8.5 (released 3 June 2024).

For detailed instructions, see the documentation.



The MiniZinc Handbook contains all the documentation for the MiniZinc language and system.
Also available as a printable PDF.

The tutorial is also available in Chinese! MiniZinc手册中文版已经提供 (PDF version)


MiniZinc can be used from your favourite programming language through our official language integrations.


MiniZinc has an extensive online course available on Coursera for free.


We have published a number of papers about the design and implementation of MiniZinc, and many other researchers have used MiniZinc for their work.