Welcome to MiniZinc

MiniZinc is a free and open-source constraint modeling language.

You can use MiniZinc to model constraint satisfaction and optimization problems in a high-level, solver-independent way, taking advantage of a large library of pre-defined constraints. Your model is then compiled into FlatZinc, a solver input language that is understood by a wide range of solvers.

MiniZinc is developed at Monash University in collaboration with Data61 Decision Sciences and the University of Melbourne.

Getting started

To get started with MiniZinc, download the MiniZinc distribution and the IDE and have a look at the MiniZinc Tutorial (also available in Chinese).

Learn MiniZinc

We have developed an extensive online course! Head over to Coursera's Basic Modeling for Discrete Optimization and Advanced Modeling for Discrete Optimization courses for an in-depth introduction to constraint modeling using MiniZinc.


Latest release

MiniZinc 2.1.7
10 January 2018, change log

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