MiniZinc Resources

The MiniZinc Handbook

The MiniZinc Handbook contains all the documentation for the MiniZinc language and system. It includes:

The MiniZinc Handbook is also available as a printable PDF.

The tutorial is also available in Chinese! MiniZinc手册中文版已经提供 (PDF version)

Research papers

We have published a number of papers about the design and implementation of MiniZinc, and many other researchers have used MiniZinc for their work.

See a list of research papers about MiniZinc for more details.

Benchmarks and examples

The MiniZinc benchmarks and standard library is available at GitHub here.


  • Hakan Kjellerstrand's MiniZinc page has lots of MiniZinc models and global constraint definitions.

  • MiniZinc Workshop 2011 Home Page.