MiniZinc IDE

The MiniZinc IDE is a simple Integrated Development Environment for writing and running MiniZinc models. It provides a tabbed editor with MiniZinc syntax highlighting, configuration dialogs for solver options and model parameters, and an integrated environment for compiling models and running solvers.


The MiniZinc IDE is distributed under the Mozilla Public License version 2.0. It was developed using the Qt toolkit, which is available under several licenses including the LGPL.

Latest version

The latest version of the MiniZinc IDE is 2.8.3, released on 1 February 2024.

Download and Installation

To use the IDE, you will need a working installation of MiniZinc. Download the latest version of the NICTA MiniZinc distribution and follow the installation instructions for your platform.

Download bundled binary packages

You can download a completely self-contained package including MiniZinc 2.8.3, the MiniZinc IDE 2.8.3, and the G12 and Gecode solvers here:

Download just the IDE

  • Source code:

    You can obtain the source code for the MiniZinc IDE from our GitHub page.

    You need version 5 of the Qt toolkit, available from or as packages for many Linux distributions. Please follow the installation instructions in the README file inside the IDE source archive.


After installing the IDE, you will need to configure at least the path to your installation of the G12 MiniZinc distribution. Open the preferences dialog (from the MiniZinc menu on Windows and Linux, and from the application menu on Mac OS) and enter the path to the mzn2fzn executable (the bin directory).

A quick overview of the features of the IDE is available from its Help menu.


The current version 2.8.3 is a pre-release and may contain bugs. Please use the MiniZinc IDE Issue Tracker on our github page to report any issues or feature requests.