Call for Problem Participation to the MiniZinc Challenge 2017



The MiniZinc Challenge 2017

Important Dates

Announcement of results at CP 2017: 28 August - 1 September 2017.


The aim of the MiniZinc Challenge is to start to compare various constraint solving technology on the same problems sets. The focus is on finite domain propagation solvers. An auxiliary aim is to build up a library of interesting problem models, which can be used to compare solvers and solving technologies.

Entrants to the challenge provide a FlatZinc solver and global constraint definitions specialized for their solver. Each solver is run on 100 MiniZinc model instances. We run either (A) the translator mzn2fzn on the MiniZinc model and instance using the provided global constraint definitions to create a FlatZinc file, which is taken as input to the provided solver or (B) the provided solver directly on MiniZinc model and instance. Points are awarded for solving problems, speed of solution, and goodness of solutions (for optimization problems).

To register for the challenge send an email with the following subject line

[MZNC17] registration
mzn-challenge 'at'