Call for Problem Submission for the MiniZinc Challenge 2014

The MiniZinc Challenge is an annual solver competition in the Constraint Programming (CP) community held before the International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming. The MiniZinc Challenge 2014 is seeking interesting problem sets on which various constraint solving technologies should be compared on this year. Everyone is allowed to submit problems regardless of whether they are an entrant in the challenge.

Important dates and deadlines:

Problem submission

There are no restrictions on the kind of problems, but ideally they should be of interesting nature such as practice-related problems and puzzles etc. Problem submissions with real-world instances are welcome warmly. Models for the 2014 challenge can only use integer and Boolean variables.

The problem submitter provides a MiniZinc model of the problem and 20 instances ranging from easy-to-solve to hard-to-solve for an “ordinary” CP system. It is strongly encouraged to make use of the global constraint definitions provided in the MiniZinc 1.6 distribution. Please, follow the links below for submission instructions and requirements.