MiniZinc 2

Installation Instructions for Windows

These instructions are for installing MiniZinc 2 from a binary distribution for Windows.

Note: This package only contains the MiniZinc compiler, you will need to install FlatZinc solvers manually. For most users, downloading the bundled packages is the preferred option!

Download the installer here:

After downloading, run the installer and follow the instructions.

Running MiniZinc

The installer will copy the MiniZinc executables, documentation and examples into the folder you specified (usually the Program Files folder). It also adds shortcuts to the start menu, including a command shell that sets up the path to include the MiniZinc executables.

Using MiniZinc 2.0 with the MiniZinc IDE

In order to use MiniZinc 2 with the MiniZinc IDE, you need to change the MiniZinc path in the preferences dialog to point to the bin directory inside the MiniZinc installation (usually in Program Files).