MiniZinc Resources


The MiniZinc Tutorial is a step-by-step introduction to modelling with MiniZinc. You can download all examples from the tutorial here.

The tutorial is now also available in Chinese! MiniZinc手册中文版已经提供

Specifications and references

Research papers

We have published a number of papers about the design and implementation of MiniZinc, and many other researchers have used MiniZinc for their work.

See a list of research papers about MiniZinc for more details.

Benchmarks and examples

The MiniZinc benchmarks and standard library is available at GitHub here.


  • Hakan Kjellerstrand's MiniZinc page has lots of MiniZinc models and global constraint definitions.

  • XCSP-to-MiniZinc converter Download. Thanks to Jacopo Mauro and Roberto Amadini.

  • MiniZinc Workshop 2011 Home Page.